We call it Kitesurfing because, after learning the basics of riding;  staying up wind, jibing, and jumping, the natural progression of kiting, is surfing, with a kite.  We rarely have to paddle or swim.  Instead of catching 5 to 10 good waves in a 3 hours session, we are catching 5 to 10 waves in 30 minutes !  Attacking a 3 foot wave at 20 miles an hour,  presents  a whole new  set of possibilities !  When Kitesurfing in 8’ to 10’ surf,  we never have to let go of the tow rope.  Instead, the power of  the kite can slingshot you into the back door and pull you out of the tube.  In kiting, the object is not to position yourself so the waves come to you, but to survey the horizon and go get the waves you want. When there’s no wind, and we have to resort to regular Surfing, there’s usually a competition involved.  There’s usually a pack of guys, all waiting in a line up, for the same wave.   Surfing is part positioning, part skill, and part luck.  Kitesurfing is All skill.  In kitesurfing there’s more going on then just riding the wave.  We learn to control the power of the kite to amplify our Surfing.  

    The first person I taught to Kite, Josh (Corn Fed) Nehf, didn’t even know how to surf, but with the aid of a kite, he learned to surf well in 6 months.  When a student is able to ride the board for the entire time on the water, the practice time is only limited to the individuals stamina.  When I was 12, learning to surf in Santa Cruz (the land of rights), I first tried to surf regular.  Being left handed, it felt natural to ride goofy.  So, I gave up the task of learning to ride switch.  30 years later, I was able to sacrifice some of my session each day to learn the regular foot attack, to where today I can ride frontside right or left equally well, with a kite.                                              

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